America's Largest Veterans Service Organization

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Post Officers

Commander Larry Erwin
1st Vice Commander Aaron Johnson
2nd Vice Commander  
Adjutant Jack McLaughlin
Finance Maria Veres
Chaplain Ray Leone
Historian Chris Perreault
Service Officer Matt Lomba
Judge Advocate Drew Broglie
Sgt. at Arms Maike Chase
House Chairman Scott Smith

Post Executive Committee

Dave Spadaro  Hillory Dean Bill Faxon


Auxiliary Officers

President Alicia Curran
1st Vice President Laura Causey
2nd Vice President Mary Emrick
Secretary Sandi Chapman
Treasurer Dawn Penrod
Chaplain Marla Abell
Historian Netty Hilty
Sgt. at Arms Stephanie Millard

Auxiliary Executive Committee

Mary Long Traci Page Paula Lee


Squadron Officers

Commander Dennis Long
1st Vice Commander John Emrick
2nd Vice Commander Kirk Smith
Adjutant Tony Harding
Finance Mike Causey
Chaplain Bernie Floyd
Historian Wes Emrick
Sgt. at Arms Chris Owens
Advisor Matt Lomba


Riders Officers

Director Drew Broglie
Asst. Director Chris Perreault
Secretary Nick Marotta
Treasurer Charles Yates
Historian Barry Lehnert
Chaplain Jerry Pritchard
Sgt. at Arms Bernie Floyd